In 2020 BTAS Celebrated 25 Years

March 1, 2020

BTAS is 25 this month! It is with great appreciation and celebration that I share with you how excited I am for what we have accomplished and more importantly, will accomplish in the years ahead!

It is gratifying to be celebrating this anniversary with you, even though most of us are physically separated. 25 years is a particularly exciting milestone, because our path to fulfilling our vision and mission is so very much alive and thriving. We continue to grow in the Intelligence, Cyber, and Business Enterprise domains. These explorations ignite our passion for new ideas and innovative thinking that our customers need in today’s environment. In that way, may BTAS be forever young!

BTAS’ strength will always be our people and the important customers and missions we serve. We have achieved many successes through the years, and the “fruits of our labor” are a direct result of the exceptional employees we have been able to attract and retain throughout the duration of our business. The contributions of our valued employees have built a reputation as a company that is progressive and thriving. Many of our employees have been with BTAS for 10 years. Some have continued contributing to the BTAS mission for over 20 years!

Another key attribute of our success is the corporate culture we shape and sustain every day. This culture is founded on the core values of integrity, attitude, communication, and service. Our achievements are directly attributed to how we collaborate and cooperate with these principles at heart, and with our respect for individual thoughts and ideas. This is a working philosophy that we are particularly proud of at BTAS because it brings us great joy in being contributors to the company’s success. We continue to reach for a high bar in performance, which yields exceptional products and services we deliver to customers. The “how” of our cultural approach forms the bedrock of our work ethic that enables us to stay relevant in a changing market.

To all our employees, customers, and friends, I thank you for your continued commitment to BTAS. It has truly been an honor to work alongside you. On behalf of BTAS, its owners, and our leadership team, we are excited for BTAS’ future, and we enthusiastically look ahead to the great opportunities that await us!

Celebrating 25 Glorious Years

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