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Our Cyber Mission Assurance Capability (CMAC) provides a methodology to solving a client’s cyber challenges. The CMAC model consists of three components: Operational, Procedural, and Technological.

The Operational component enables BTAS to develop foundational client needs with five steps. Through these five steps, BTAS adapts the structure of the future solution to the client’s supported organizational needs or mission requirements.

The Procedural component includes 5 processes called AOUSM (pronounced awesome). These processes are the core of the CMAC model:


We study the operational information of the client’s mission and determine the relationship between each part of the mission.


We take the relationship of the parts and form them into a coherent unity or a functioning whole to develop requirements.


We take the functioning whole and turn it into practical use by applying appropriate local or higher-level guidance and established industry standards for compliance.


We take the practical use and share with stakeholders through engagements to improve the overall mission performance.


We take the performance and compare it to best practices to make the most of the existing or dwindling resources and gain efficiencie
BTAS has current and former experienced cyber professionals we leverage in meeting a client’s requirements. Many of these professionals have decades of federal service and are recognized as trusted cyber advisors for our federal government clients.

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