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The world is changing. From emerging international threats to technological advances that can impact our defenses in a single moment, government agencies need partners who are focused on delivering the insights, operational know how, and tools they need to succeed for their missions.

At BTAS, we are focused on just that. We offer expert knowledge to provide customers disciplined, innovative solutions focused on helping teams of all sizes. We can scale our services to provide unmatched mission support, on time and within cost. Our people have purpose, personality and commitment to every customer, meaning you get our best, always.

Acquisition Subject Matter Expertise

From financial support to security, we help organizations navigate the path of acquisitions.

Subject Matter expertise in Acquisition Program Management, Cost and Pricing Analysis in support of Integrated Baseline Reviews (IBR).

Systems Architecture

Process Improvement, Change Management

Design and Deploy tailored program operation tools

Risk Management Framework (RMF) reporting

Mission Systems Certification & System Security Engineering Countermeasures (anti-tamper techniques)

Independent Validation and Verification (IV&V)

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Cyber Operational Solutions

Threats are constant, but how we address them is always changing. Our Cyber Security Experts developed customized solutions that answer today’s most pressing challenges.

Cyber Intelligence/Targeting

Cyber Vulnerability Assessment/Information Assurance/Risk Management Framework in support of Platform IT (PIT)

Cyber Planning & Strategy Development to include Air Force Cyberspace mission support for Offensive/Defensive Cyber Operations (OCO/DCO), and DoD Infrastructure (DoDIN) operations


To ensure maximum adoption and impact, BTAS develops state-of-art, interactive training to prepare teams to focus on effective mission support.

We develop tailored training products, classroom instruction, curriculum development in a host of focus areas, including:

Acquisition Program Management

Federal Acquisition Statutes


Policy and Guidance

Government Contracting

Who We Work With

Department of Defense

We work with all branches of the military to help them perform at top efficiency and effectiveness. Our focus on relationships ensures we can work with teams at any level to help them develop strategy and manage performance.

Intelligence Agencies

We are committed to keeping national interests priority number one. Our teams work with domestic intelligence agencies on critical issues, like cyber security and cyber defense.

Corporate Headquarters

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