The Elevon Design Studio is a creative group formed within BTAS of software developers, graphic designers, motion designers, and subject matter experts who design innovative tools and training utilizing current collaborative environments already established for your organization.

Elevon delivers tools and training that augment our client’s ability to achieve higher performance than provided elsewhere.

What Elevon Can Do For You

Real Time

Access real-time tools and reporting metrics across the Enterprise to streamline workflow, support decision-making, and free up staff time.

Data Driven Metrics

Improve product and process outcomes with data-driven HR management dashboards and automated analytics tailored to the contract.

Relevant Trainings

Create a culture and environment of innovation, collaboration, and critical thinking with readily accessible and relevant training.

Relevant Training

Training offers staff members with instruction at the moment they need it. The training modules and guidance are designed to be linked, so a user can navigate to other sections as needed. Our solution delivers practical, highly effective and engaging training through a combination of clear instruction, exciting graphics, and interactive motion design.

By developing easy-to-follow and readily accessible training modules, agencies will be able to disseminate instruction to larger populations of workers and citizens. Staff members will gain a common understanding of each organization’s unique approach to navigating a complex system, increasing the value of the entire workforce.

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