The world is changing rapidly. BTAS has learned how to incorporate what is most meaningful to our customers to achieve their performance goals. We help customers manage internal and external pressures to succeed in a world of emerging technologies and evolving cyber threats in an era of instant communication.

BTAS is at the forefront of cyber with proven excellence in cybersecurity, IT, virtual environments, hardware/software, and weapon system-level support. BTAS is experienced in managing large, wide-ranging cyber contracts and is uniquely qualified to execute as Prime or as a member of an exceptional team.

BTAS is a technical expert in Counter-small Unmanned Aerial Systems (C-sUAS), subsystems, and provides operational and sustainment support to our DoD customers. BTAS supports medium altitude ISR UAVs and is at the forefront R&D for the next generation of ISR UAVs. Our engineering, test, and logistics to range and field activities enhance UAV/UAS operational capabilities. BTAS engineers enable our military to detect, identify, track, and defeat small UAS.

We collaborate with industry and government to deliver cutting edge Communication Technologies, Enterprise Business Solutions, Netcentric Operations, Offensive and Defensive Cyber (OCO/DCO), and Intelligence & Reconnaissance Systems.

Our disciplined approach to Program Management enables us to provide exceptional performance in a variety of programs. From planning to execution, our Subject Matter Experts come prepared to immediately support the mission and identify a path to success. By mitigating organizational barriers, navigating processes, regulatory policies, performance requirements, and information systems, we ensure decision makers have the information and insight they need.

BTAS multi-functional communication experts work closely with program executives to develop and track metrics of marketing, branding, social media, news and content production, web development, and graphic design.

Elevon Design Studio powered by BTAS develops state-of-the-art workforce training and management tools that build knowledge and expertise within an organization. This body of creative professionals includes application designers, high-end graphic artists, motion designers, content developers, and professional educators.

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