Contract Number


Expiration Date

May 19, 2025


518210C, 541330ENG, 541715, 54151S, 54151HACS, 611420

Eligible Buyers

Department of Defense (DoD) and other federal and military agencies

Contract Overview

Under the Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Program, GSA issues long-term governmentwide contracts that provide federal, state, and local government buyers access to commercial products, services, and solutions at pre-negotiated pricing. The Schedule is divided into subcategories and Special Item Numbers, or SINs, that are aligned to NAICS codes to simplify the process for buyers and sellers to understand the scope of GSA’s offerings and find what products and services they are looking to buy or offer.


  • Negotiated contract ceiling prices
  • Opportunities for discounts at the order level
  • Single contracting vehicle to fulfill complex or ongoing needs and reduce overall contract awards and administration
  • Less administrative time and contract documentation, since the master contract is managed by GSA
  • Socioeconomic credit for orders awarded to small business and other socioeconomic categories
  • Service Contract Labor Standards (SCLS) Compliance
  • Increased opportunities to reach federal buyers
  • Increased opportunities for socioeconomic set-asides
  • Opportunity for a 20-year contract, if all options are exercised

Points of Contact

George Vlahos | [email protected] | Phone: (937) 431-9431

Bill Vasileff | [email protected] | Phone: (937) 431-9431

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